Athletic Men Custom Made To Measure Jeans

Athletic Men Custom Made To Measure Jeans

Normally the thigh, seat, and maybe calves in regular jeans for athletic men can be far too tight. This means many people opt for more oversized, baggy jeans and compromise the desired look. Or people try to work through the pain and torture by still using a smaller size.

With just a few tips, you won't have to sacrifice anything just because of your athletic body!

What you need to do is go for loose tapered jeans - It will give you the room needed in the thighs and seat, but at the same time, from the knee-down, it will become narrow. So even though it is a loose tapered fit, it will look like a skinny fit on muscular legs. It will give you the much-longed-for space in the thighs while at the same time acting like a skinny fit.

Another great option is to get custom-made tailored made to measure jeans. That is because you can get a skinny fit, but it will be customized to have more room in the thighs and seat. When we see your measurements, we will immediately understand that you may need more space in some areas and less in others. Also you get to choose your own fabric, and other designing elements.

To recap, the best fit for you is a loose tapered fit because it will give you the much-needed space in the thighs while it tapers from the knee down. Loose taper-fit jeans will act like a slim fit for you. And another great option is custom-made, bespoke jeans. Made to Order Jeans will give you an out-of-this-world fit by having revolutionized tailored jeans. Not just by the fitting but by how the jeans are sewed, choice of fabric, etc. Do yourself a favor next time and treat yourself with some stylish, trendy, skinny jeans.