Athletic Women Custom Made To Measure Jeans

Athletic Women Custom Made To Measure Jeans

Have you ever gotten a pair of your favorite brand new jeans only to have to return it. Or maybe the fitting is not working out. Or what if there are not enough designs for your fit. These are problems that people have to go through all the time. These problems also become bigger if you are very athletic and have muscular legs. Nowadays more people are getting into fitness activities and then get muscle growth in the thighs and calves. This makes jeans too tight in the legs and baggy in the waist.

So what is the solution for finding jeans for athletic women and what is the fit to opt for?

There are certain brands which design jeans specifically for athletic females – but that might not be enough as you might not get different fits and colors etc.. That’s why you can opt for custom made bespoke jeans!!

Custom made Skinny Jeans For Extremely Muscular Legs

You don’t have to wear baggy anymore just because you have muscular legs!!

The best solution is to get your jeans tailored to your measurement. You can get skinny jeans made to your own measurement – where the thighs and calves will have more space as compared to readymade skinny jeans. The jeans would be made taking into account your quads – and you do not have to go for larger sizes just to accommodate your larger legs.

Custom made to measure jeans comes in various washes and fits – jeans are specifically designed based on your needs. Once you give your body measurement we will immediately understand your fit and the jeans will be designed accordingly. You can get to choose between so many varieties of fabrics and color options like never before.

Not only that but for an athletic body it is better to go for stretch or lycra fabric – the denim we have is soft, durable, and built from a top class fabric, developed to withstand washing and retain its original shape. They are made to move with your body and be as comfortable as possible, so there’s no more restriction.

Make your own skinny jeans for athletic women!!

Straight Jeans for slightly muscular legs

If you like to keep up with current trends you can also go for straight jeans – they are great for ladies with slightly muscular legs and calves not greatly muscular. Since straight leg jeans don’t have much of a different fit in the thighs and butt area, that’s why they wouldn’t be well-suited to those of you ladies with very muscular legs. But for muscular calves, they will be ideal! Make your own straight fit jeans for athletic women.

In conclusion, great fits for athletic women are skinny and straight fit tailored jeans to get a fit that does not compromise anything. And Made to Order Jeans engineer their jeans to accentuate the body shape, not just by making the waist smaller, adding more room to the thighs, butt and calves etc.. but by revolutionizing how their patterns are made, the way the denim is sewn and more to achieve the ultimate fit. Athletic Women Custom Made To Measure Jeans