Fabrics for Custom Jeans

Fabrics for Custom Jeans

Denim was the breakthrough that changed the fashion world forever. After denim was invented nothing would ever be the same. Instantly denim became the new trend, a trend that has not stopped. Everybody wanted denim for their casual wear, for parties, for office and more. In this article were gonna teach you what is it made of?

Denim is a type of woven twill fabric made from cotton. Modern denim yarn might include elastic components of up to 3%, such as spandex, to allow the final woven product to stretch. Even a small amount of it could increase the stretching capacity up to 15%.

Denim consists of two yarns that are woven together. The yarn that runs across—known as the weft—is threaded over and under the yarn that runs downwards is called the warp. The method of making denim fabric is known as the wrap and weft method.


There are two types of denim dyeing:

  • Sulphur dyeing : Sulphur dying is also known as color dying and used for creating specific colored denim such as black, white, pink, mustard and others.
  • Indigo dyeing : Indigo dyeing is a traditional way of dyeing, mostly to shades of blue. The warp yarns are dyed before they’re woven into denim, while the weft yarns are left undyed. That is why denim is blue on the front and white on the back.

Types of twill used for denim

There are different types of twill. For denim, the most common type of twill is 3×1 right hand twill. 3X1 means for every 3 warp yarns there is one weft yarn. It also explains why denim has diagonal lines in the fabric, known as twill lines.

Another type of twill weave you sometimes find in denim are 2×1 twill, where you have two warp yarns for every weft yarn. More commonly, though, is 3×1 left hand twill where the twill lines run from left to right.

Who produces it?

Currently, North America, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Italy, China, Bangladesh, Japan and Sri Lanka are the top manufacturers in the world.

How are Jeans made from denim

Jeans and other denim garments are bulk made based on standardized sizes in factories by ready-made manufacturers. These jeans are made based on standard parameters – different waist and inseam. Last 10 -15 years customized tailor fit bespoke denim for men and women has also been getting very popular. Made to measure denim jeans are individually made based on one’s measurement just as tailored suits.

This allows you to create your own style, fit and unique jeans as no 2 bodies can be identical. This is a revolution in denim making and this industry is expected to pick up more in the coming years. Also tailor made clothing leads to minimal wastage as compared to mass production. There are many online tailored denim stores where you can get your custom jeans tailored. Bespoke denim is the new fashion mantra.

To conclude, creating denim involves a precise attention to detail. Manufacturers use a particular weaving pattern to achieve the final look, and as a result, each stitch is added with love. No matter what, denim is a jean-ious addition to every closet!