Make Your Own Jeans

Make Your Own Jeans

You may have gone into designing your new pair of custom made bespoke jeans. But then by the time you look at the fabrics and their descriptions you must be thinking what the heck have I gotten myself into? So many colors, patterns and designs. I mean what even is lycra?? And Boyfriend fit??? So we're here to help you navigate this large world of jeans and by the end you will be able to get your perfect pair of custom made bespoke jeans.

Purpose- What are these jeans for?

So jeans can have many purposes. They can be casual wear as in what you may wear to your friend’s house and they can also be formal wear. Not only that but they can be worn to parties too! So before you make your jeans think about what they are for and design them accordingly. If you want something stylish I suggest blue joggers which are a new trend (see the blog on joggers!!) and I also suggest slim fit jeans. These two styles look wicked cool and will surely turn people’s heads. For a nice staple pair that is nice and casual I suggest a straight fit. These are nice and easy and have a very standard look.

Fabric – Next thing to decide is what type of fabric you want to go for – 100% cotton or a mix of cotton and spandex (lycra fabric)

100% cotton is definitely more durable and long lasting but will not stretch to take your body shape. 100% cotton works like a charm for comfort fit, straight fit, boyfriend fit, joggers but if you are someone who prefers skinny fit, slim fit then definitely you need some lycra (stretchy spandex) in your jeans. Also for women a bit of lycra is preferred for comfort and feel. Once you have decided the type of fabric then you can further look at what extent of stretch, weight of fabric, various color options, wash options etc. These are all based on your own preference. You can always write to us for more details if you need any help to choose the fabric.

Once the fabric is selected we need to decide the fit and designing

What kind of waist do you want? What fit will you wear to suit the purpose? What styling change will be made regarding pockets, thread color, buttons etc.. These are all questions that depend on YOU. What do you want your jeans to be like? Below is a full list of what you will need to choose.

  • Fit such as skinny, slim, comfort, flare etc
  • Pocketing features and design
  • Zipper style
  • Buttons and rivets
  • Thread color
  • Whiskers – (faded effect on the jeans)


the last step is to either take your body measurement or if you have a well fitted pair of jeans you can also measure the jeans. Most important fact is whether body measurement or garment measurement you need to follow the measurement guide. You cannot give any label measure from your readymade jeans. There is a video guide as well to help you take the perfect measurement. And believe me it is so important to follow the guide. Otherwise chances are something could go wrong. Measurement is probably the most important part of getting your jeans.

And you are all done to order your perfect pair of bespoke jeans – tailored made to your measurements and your own unique style.