Make Your Own Skinny Fit Women Jeans

Because everyone is unique, it is difficult for a jean based on a generic model to suit everyone's body the same way. But if you take the time to customize your jeans - select styles, cuts, and materials that suit your tastes and then provide your measurements you can find an excellent tailor made denim pair you'll love to wear for years

Here are our tips for customizing your next favorite pair of tailored skinny jeans


Fabric choice is the first thing to consider before customizing your jeans. For skinny jeans you need to go for stretch fabric. As the jeans needs to take your body shape elasticity is needed in the fabric - but if you prefer heavy denim with not too much of stretch that's ok as well just that in that case it may not be too fitting to you as we need to keep some room in the hips and legs so that you can move around. Also if there is too much elasticity the jeans will look more like jegging. 2-3% of stretch is ideal to give a nice snug feeling and at the same time for them to be comfortable and still keep the texture and feel of the jeans intact. If you are ok with not too much of a skin tight fitting then 1% stretch should be ok.


The ideal pair of jeans should not need a belt - it should fit snugly so measure the waist where you would want your jeans to rest. So once you decide whether you want a high waist, low waist or mid waist measure the waist circumference where you want your jeans to rest so that it can fit perfectly.

Length & Color

Many stores offer jeans in just one uniform length based on an abstract standard model, which causes uniform-length jeans to be too short or too long on most women. In custom bespoke jeans you need not worry about that as the jeans will be cut to your unique length.

You can further customize your experience by selecting denim in different colors. A pair of black jeans is a versatile item that can blend in during both formal and leisure occasions. If you’re looking for something more formal that isn’t black jeans, try gray jeans with a black shirt for a polished look.
Try other colors like brick red or beige or violet for an extra splash of fun. Darker washes of blue tend to be more slimming and traditional-looking. If you’re going for a more spring or summery look, consider a very light wash of blue jeans. Pair the light-washed jeans with a white or other light-colored top for a classic but casual look.

Finding a pair of jeans that fits everywhere correctly can seem like you have to wait for the stars to align. But with the option to customize your jeans to your measurement and style you’ll be sure to find your next favorite pair to enjoy throughout the year — and for years to come.