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Mail us your jeans to be cloned / copied – Clone Your Jeans
posted on August 02, 2022

Do you not want to have to go through the process of designing a new pair of jeans? Or maybe you have one pair that you love so much but you can’t find an identical pair? Well there is one beautiful solution. Cloning!? Cloning is when you send us your pair of jeans through our shipping partner and we make you an identical pair. And if any adjustments need to be made that can also be arranged. Now you have 2 pairs of awesome jeans. No damage will be done to the original and it will be sent back with the new pair. The second time you won’t even need to send the original.

Cloning your favourite pair of jeans with madetoorderjeans.com is very very simple and you can have a cloned pair at your doorstep within 3-4 weeks! Right from arranging the pick-up of your jeans to delivering it back to you everything is simple and taken care of.