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MAKE YOUR OWN BELL BOTTOM JEANS – Tailor made for men and women
posted on August 02, 2022

Bell bottom jeans offer a fresh take on their counterpart, skinny jeans, and have changed the world of jeans. They are stylish,chic and can even be used as casual wear if you want.

The fashion world is a throwback style jeans in new interpretations. Sometimes we prefer the older version than the new. Bell-bottoms, pants that taper from the hip to the knee and widen below the knee, were an extremely popular fashion trend during the '70s. They were worn exclusively by the beatles. These are some of the most stylish jeans out there.

The belled or flared legs on bell-bottom pants were originally a functional design, worn by those who worked on boats since the 17th century. The large legs allowed the pants to be easily rolled up out of the way for such messy jobs as washing the decks.

The flared bottoms has become a fashion statement by celebrities –who can forget the Beetles in their signature flares. Bell-bottoms, both wide and just slightly flared, were traditionally made from denim, but now are seen in variations of cotton, satin polyester, suede, rayon, silk and even leather. Flared pants have managed to be in the fashion circle since then. The baggy pants, the culottes and the palazzos are variations of our favourite bell-bottoms.

How to style your bell bottoms

Styling bell bottom pants need not be difficult – you can wear them with button down shirt, chambray shirt, knitwear, graphic tee, crop top, vintage jacket etc.

Customise your flare bottom jeans

Made to order Jeans can make flare jeans custom-made to your body type – you can decide the flare width as per your own unique style. You need not just settle with flare width available for ready made jeans. You can customise them to your liking. Bespoke clothing is the way forward.