When do I need elastene in my denim


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When Do I Need Elastene in Denims?

posted on july 22, 2015

To understand this we have to first know what is lycra and 1005 cotton denim.

Non lycra denim fabric is 100% cotton with no elastene. Stretch or Lycra fabric incorporates an elastic component, such as spandex. Only a small percentage (about 3%) of spandex is required within the fabric to create a significant stretching capacity of about 15%. However, this feature will shorten the wearing life of the garment. Lycra fabrics give added comfort and ease and are usually figure flattering since they nicely drape over the body. Lycra denim is generally good for women who want skinny tight or very tight jeans. For all other fits and for long term use and durability 100% cotton denim is preferred.

For better fitting and comfort, it is preferred to buy a pair of made to measure jeans which are tailored fit to your body measurements. And you can choose fabric based on the fit required. If you need comfort fit you can go for 100% cotton jeans - as against if you want slim or skinny fit jeans go for lycra denim. If you want more skinny go for a fabric which has higher stretch.