Style Your Own Skinny Fit Jeans

Style Your Own Skinny Fit Jeans

Trends in denim jeans change like the phases of the moon. They come and go, one day you might like nice tight skinny jeans until a raving photo from a model makes you switch to baggy and vice versa. But some things never change. The skinny jeans are a trend for the ages. And no matter what happens a pair of skinny jeans will always be a chic, comfy and elegant look. But there is a but, and it’s a big one. You need to know how to style it!!!

Discover our top three ways to wear your favourite skinny jeans


Depending on the dress code, work can be an ideal place to show off your appropriate but eye turning high waist jeans. To make it a nice office fitting look, wear it with an elegant blouse or knit top , plus strappy heels or boots for added polish. With this you’ll have the most elegantly chic jeans for the next few blocks!!


For classic casual off-duty style, pair with anything and everything from a nice wool cardigan to a stylish puffed T-shirt. And honestly here it is just up to you. You can put like anything together. Just as easy as deciding whether you want a stylish flattering rebellious look or you can even get a laid back everyday look. Simply add sneakers or boots when heading out and about.

Party Night!!!!

Party night is THE TIME to dress up in your favorite pair of skinny jeans. For an after-dark look, a dark wash or classic black denim is the way to go. Elevate your look with the most stylish accessories you can find. Earrings, Blouses, High Heels and more.