Ultimate Guide To Custom Tailored Jeans For Men

Ultimate Guide To Custom Tailored Jeans For Men

Denim is diverse. There are nearly as many styles as there are men. Getting your best fitted jeans can be a nightmare.. You have to consider the fit, the rise, the size, fabric etc. the below can be useful while ordering custom jeans.

The biggest issue men could face in deciding their clothing is wither they are too tight or too big, Most of the time men like to wear comfortable clothing and they can compensate for that for going for bigger sizes.. and when they go for fitted clothing if not the right fit it can be too snug and uncomfortable.

Why is bigger size a bad look? Because you lose the shape of your body in that volume of fabric. It makes your legs look bigger and fatter than they actually are. That’s never a good look.

For some of you, wearing clothes that fit you properly might feel a little alien. I think it will help by debunking the myth that roomier clothes are more comfortable. Clothes that actually fit you are going to feel more comfortable they’re so much more functional. When clothes properly fit your body, it’s easier to move. You’re not fighting all that fabric.

  • If you need a belt to hold up your jeans, it’s too big. This goes for all pants.
  • If you can trace the outline of your leg shape and butt (see right), it’s too tight.
  • If your jeans look like denim printed yoga tights, they’re way too tight.

Different Fits

Skinny fit custom tailored Men Jeans :

Men with skinny thighs and skinny calves. True skinny fit jeans are meant for guys who basically have thin legs, they’re roughly the same straight, slim shape from their thighs to their calves.
Best for: Guys who have really skinny legs all the way through.

Tapered fit / Slim fit Custom made to order Men Jeans – custom and made to order to your measurements:

For men with a bit of thigh and butt muscle, but calves smaller than their thighs, hence the tapering of the cut.
Best for: Average to Fit guys that don’t have big thighs.

Not Straight fit custom tailored men jeans:

For your average guy that has a bit of muscle in him all around.
Best for: Men with a bit more size in their butt, thighs, and calves.

Athletic Fit / Comfort slim fit custom jeans for men<>:

This is a relatively new cut. Basically, it’s a nicely tapered fit with a lot more room in the thigh and butt area. Great for guys that don’t skip leg day or larger guys who’ve always found that when they went up a waist size in, they were left with bell bottoms.
Best for: Athletic guys with large thighs, or larger guys in general

Boot cut custom tailored men Jeans:

Jeans that have more room below the knee/calf area to accommodate boots.
Comfort fit/ Relaxed fit Custom Tailored Men jeans
Relaxed cut is what athletic cut is but without as much taper. Nice comfortable jeans when you have lot of running around to do.
Best for: Athletic guys with lage thighs, or larger guys in general