Perfect Fit Guarantee

Ordering custom jeans for the first time - try our fit guaranty
Order 2 jeans and get 100% fit guaranty at no extra cost.

Madetoorder jeans are hand made by experienced tailors based on the measurements you provide. If you follow the instructions carefully the garment should fit you perfectly. Our sizing is precise and consistent and be confident that your jeans will fit very close to perfect. But in case you are still not confident to order custom jeans especially when it comes to measuring yourself or your jeans - for your confidence and complete satisfaction we offer Fit Guaranty

How does it work

  • Fit guaranty is provided only if you order 2 or more jeans – there is no extra charge
  • Once we receive your order we will make only 1 pair of jeans and send you for your fit approval. Mostly the jeans should fit you well and if all ok we will send the remaining pairs to you
  • If the jeans do not fit well and you need to make some changes in the measurement let us know the changes and we will remake the jeans for you along with the remaining order and send it together
  • In the process you will also have a new perfect measurement profile for convenient reordering regular
  • Please do appreciate that as these are custom jeans a variation of half to an inch is possible to make it to the desired fit.

What happens if I have ordered for only 1 jeans

Even if you have ordered one jeans and the jeans do not fit you well because there is an error at our end we still remake the jeans for you at no extra cost. The difference in fit guaranty is that we redo for you even for cases where there has been an error at your end in providing the details correctly.

Fit Guaranty gives you insurance in case you have done any mistake or error in providing the measurements.

For ordering jeans just go to our home page and order through design your jeans or product gallery as per your preference. The moment you order for 2 or more jeans in the same order Fit guaranty is automatically applicable. Also you can order jeans selecting different fabric and designing options.