Body Measurment

Body Measurement Guide

The most classic way to take measurement. You can simply measure your body with the help of our guideline for that perfect fit.

Helpful tips for perfect measurement

  1. Take a loose measuring tape – it could be cloth or plastic but a tape which is flexible and not carpenter tape.
  2. Be careful to measure using the beginning of the tape and keep it firm.
  3. Wear fitted clothing for taking the measurements – such as tights, cycling shorts, leggings, jeggings.
  4. Measure your body accurately – do not make any additions or deductions to your body measurement while specifying here. Based on the fit selected (comfort, skinny, bootcut, etc) designer will make appropriate changes to the measurement to give the perfect fit.
  5. If you need to provide any specification with respect to your measurement (for example you want your actual jeans bottom, or thighs or hips to be of a particular size only) provide it in additional instruction column.
  6. It will save you time if you note the measurements on a piece of paper first and then fill it all together. This is important as in case the details are lost while feeding on the site, you still till have them on paper.
  7. A friend or relative may also help you take your body measurement.
  8. Do not provide any measurement from any label size of any of your garment.

Once you place the order we will check all your measurements and see if they are in proportion before making your custom jeans. We will contact you if we need to reconfirm the measurements.

Waist Measurement

Measure the circumference at the place where you will actually wear your jeans. Your waist measurement will be the entire circumference of the area where your jeans will rest. So if you want a low, mid or high waist jeans you will measure the low, mid or high waist circumference and not your natural waist.

While measuring, position the tape very close to the body without tightening.

Wear a belt or rope around the place whee you want your jeans to rest so that it will also help you to measure your length and crotch. You can also use a marker to highlight your waist line where you want to rest your jeans.