Garment Measurement

Garment Measurement Guide

Garment measurement is the easiest and most commonly used for providing measurement. Our experience with other methods of measuring has never been as accurate and satisfying as measuring a good fitting pair of jeans and make minor adjustments for better fit. For a custom jeans, please provide your exact measurement.

Helpful tips for perfect measurement.

  1. Take a loose measuring tape either in inches or cm
  2. Be careful to measure using the beginning of the tape and keep it firm.
  3. Measure your jeans laying flat on a table – close the zip and button.
  4. Take a piece of paper and pen to note down the measurement.
  5. You can modify the measurements for a better fit.
  6. Please do not provide the label size of the jeans for any of the measurements.

Once you place the order we will check all your measurments and see if they are in proportion before making your jeans.

Waist Measurement

Even up the jeans so that the back and the front waistline are parallel – in a straight line. Start from the edge – use your forefinger and thumb to hold the tape in a straight line. Measure it across. Multiply this by two to determine the full waist circumference.

Measure your jeans from point A to B and then multiply by 2. Please do not provide the label size of the jeans