Women's Jeans Fit Style

Slim Fit


Slim seat and thighs. Slim legs. These jeans hug the butt and thighs. These jeans look great on women with a curvaceous bottom. Slim are similar to skinny but not tight altogether.
Skinny Fit


Jeans with skinny seat and thighs. Skinny legs. They have a very small leg opening. Skinny jeans look great on women with long legs and slender build. Skinny jeans are form fitting and designed to accentuate your shape. These jeans have a snug fit through the legs and end in a small leg opening.
Slim Boot Cut

Slim Boot

Slim seat and thigh. Wider below the knees. The slimmer fit is well balanced with a boot cut that goes well with both sneakers or cowboy boots. These jeans look good on women of all body types but especially on women with wide hips.
Straight Fit


Classic seat and thighs. Straight legs. A classic women’s jeans style which has a timeless appeal. Straight fit jeans are straight through the hip, thigh and leg. Straight cut jeans look good on women of all body types and not just on skinny women.
Flare Jeans


Snug on the waist and fit the thighs like a glove. However these jeans are designed to flare out just below the knees. Flare jeans look really good on broad shoulders and narrow hipped women.

Boy Friend Jeans


A boyfriend jeans is a must in every women’s wardrobe. As the name suggests this is jeans which looks like you must have borrowed from your boyfriend. Though these jeans are supposed to be relaxed they are figure flattering because of the way they taper at the bottom. Known for its comfortable and loose fit and favored by many fashion icons, the boyfriend jean is the epitome of effortless chic dressing with a touch of boyish charm. If you want to flatter your figure and you generally prefer fitted and tailored clothing, choose a slimmer and more structured boyfriend jean. If you want to go more authentic with the look, size up and choose a baggier cut.
Comfort Straight


Relaxed seat and thigh. Straight leg. More room through the seat and thigh allows you to feel free when you have a big day ahead of you. These jeans have a straight leg that goes well with oxfords, sneakers, or flip flops Their laid back cut keeps them casual.
Comfort Slim


Relaxed seat and thigh. Slim leg. Perfect pair of jeans that keeps with your casual and traditional style. If comfort is a priority and at the same time you want a modern look this design is what you are looking for.
Straight Boot Cut


classic seat and thigh. Boot cut below the knees A wider leg allows for more room to fit over boots.
Straigh Slim Fit


Slim seat and thighs. Straight leg from the knees. If you want a slim looking jeans but at the same time do not want very tapering from the bottom you can for slim straight jeans.