About Made To Order Jeans

Our Story

We make it EASY and Affordable to have jeans that fit perfectly

Why custom Jeans

The idea was simple - to make available jeans that is made just for you. Our objective was to give everyone the opportunity to have tailored, customized and affordable made to measure jeans. When we first launched we were not an instant success. Custom clothing is not an easy business especially when you do not meet your clients face to face. It required a detailed understanding of this business and yes what helped us is the continuous learning through our clients. We made mistakes - but we continuously took feedback from our clients, improved our website, made process changes and now we are proud to be an expert in custom jeans which are 100% made based on your measurements. Yes we only make jeans and want to specialise in this line of business only to ensure we do only our best. We have grown but we will still want to maintain a small team to continue our personal touch with our clients. We take pride in what we do and are satisfied when we are able to offer a well fitted made to measure bespoke jeans to our clients.

Where do we make our customised tailored Jeans

We are based in India in the city of Mumbai. We have been in this business for more than 10 years now though we started online in the year 2012.

Our Jeans – at MTOJ we take a different approach

Don't fit into readymade jeans - Let the jeans fit you

Our objective is to make you feel confident while wearing your jeans. When you wear jeans or any other clothes which you have designed for yourself and when it fits you as per your desired measurement & fittings; it is the most confident feeling you would ever have. The satisfaction you can have in custom made jeans you will not get in mass manufactured jeans. MTOJ is for you if are tired of wasting time looking for jeans that actually fit and you are not able to find jeans in colours and styling you like. If you feel confident in wearing good fitting clothing and want something made exclusively for you, MTOJ is for you. Customisation of jeans give you the perfect fit as the jeans is not mass made but tailor made specifically for you. Customise your jeans online with us and get the perfect fitted custom jeans.

Fabric is the essence of jeans

We only use the best quality fabrics sourced in house. Every pair of custom made jeans you order is specially tailored and hand made for you. We have wide display of fabrics such as lycra and 100% Cotton denim, selvedge denim, light weight to heavy weight denim fabric. We source our fabrics from premier mills only. We also have selvedge denim in our collection.

Jeans for All

We understand different body type and craft jeans accordingly

We cater to custom tailor made jeans for kids, boys, girls, Men, Women, etc from short to tall, big and small, every shapely size in between. We make Custom jeans for tall men and women, Custom jeans for short and petite men and women, Custom Jeans for plus size men and women.

Selvedge Custom Denim

We can also custom make selvedge denim/ jeans. Selvedge denim jeans comes from the term “self-edge,” the woven strip on both edges of a roll of fabric. Selvedge is traditionally woven on narrow-width shuttle looms, producing a clean edge with no fringe.

We don’t overprice in the name of customisation

We make your jeans to fit your desires, your measurements and your special requirements at affordable prices. No more buying high priced pre-made designer jeans that just don't fit quite right. Our mission is to provide the consumer with a cutting edge designer look with the opportunity to individualize it at the same time. Our jeans start from USD 72 only with free shipping world-wide.

We can clone your favourite jeans

Send us your favourite pair of jeans no matter how old, worn or patched up. The professional MTOJ Team will take the measurement of the jeans, make your unique pattern and make a pair of Custom Jeans as close as possible to them. We can even make any changes you feel will give you a better fit. To know more details – please visit our cloning section

We ship our tailored jeans worldwide and shipping is free

We deliver custom jeans in United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia, Norway, Denmark, France, Italy and every other place you can think of. You just have to pay for the basic cost of the jeans. We do not charge shipping on the jeans.