How does custom jeans process work

order jeans online

Order Jeans Online

Select fabric, designing details and provide measurement - body or garment
Clone your jeans - all you need to do is select fabric and we will arrange pickup of your jeans.

order jeans online

Custom Made

Once you place order each jeans is hand crafted specially for you. Before we put the jeans in production we do a check to see if measurement are in proportion and will send an email to reconfirm and if necessary will ask for more details.

Quick Delivery

Quick Delivery

Your made to measure Jeans is shipped and arrives at your door in about 4-6 weeks. Free Shipping world-wide. You pay only the jeans cost.

After Sales Service

After Sales Service

Once you order and you get the tailored jeans we take your feedback regarding the fit and update your measurement profile for any change's so that you have the perfect profile saved for reorder of your custom jeans.

Shop the Look

Get inspired by our community. Real customers like you styling great outfits based on Hockerty garments

About Made To Order Jeans

We make it EASY and Affordable to have a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. The idea was simple - to make available jeans that is made just for you. Our objective was to give everyone the opportunity to have any jeans that they may desire. Any fit they need. To give people what is not always found in readymade stores. The art of custom-made jeans.

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Made To Order Jeans

Come summer you may start to despise jeans. Your winter blues are now buried in your closet since they break you sweat in the warm weather. You settle for some summer clothing like skirts and shorts. But still, your denim's are idle in that closet.

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Make Your Own Jeans

Because everyone is unique, it is difficult for a jean based on a generic model to suit everyone's body the same way. But if you take the time to customise your jeans - select styles, cuts, and materials that suit your tastes and then provide your measurements, you can get the jeans you need and want. A pair that you will love to wear for years. All our jeans are 100% made to measure.

Design your Own Jeans

Design your custom jeans online. We offer so many different fitting options and all in your own measurements – we offer skinny, straight, comfort fit and many more like flare jeans. Get your perfect pair of tailored bespoke jeans now.

Tailored Jeans for Men and Women Shipped Worldwide

Our made to measure tailored jeans are shipped across the globe. You can order them online sitting anywhere in the world and you will have your prefect tailored bespoke jeans delivered to your doorstep with 3 weeks.

Eco friendly clothing

At MTOJ we understand the importance of sustainability and protecting the environment. We think of it as our responsibility to ensure all our custom clothing is eco-friendly, sustainable and wil the least damage to the environment. Rather than contributing to the world of fast fashion, which creates huge waste normally leaving companies with a surplus which may get thrown away, we strive to produce high-quality made to order clothing that not only looks the part, but lasts for years to come.

Mail us your jeans to be cloned /copied – Clone Your Jeans

Do you not want to have to go through the process of designing a new pair of jeans? Or maybe you have one pair that you love so much but you can’t find an identical pair? Well there is one beautiful solution. Cloning!? Cloning is when you send us your pair of jeans through our shipping partner and we make you an identical pair. And if any adjustments need to be made that can also be arranged. No damage will be done to the original and it will be sent back with the new pair. When you reorder you won’t even need to send the original.