Custom Jeans for summer
Come summer you may start to despise jeans. Your winter blues are now buried in your closet since they break you sweat in the warm weather. You settle for some summer clothing like skirts and shorts. But still, your denim's are idle in that closet. That's a whole season of wasted denim style. But what if you can wear jeans during summer? What if you can have comfort and style on your side? What if the denim won't make your body into a living popsicle?

By following these helpful tips, you can step into the denim trend this summer, without perspiring.

Step 1: The most important thing is fabric - denim fabric for summer jeans need to be lightweight.

What is meant by lightweight fabric??

Fabric choice is the first thing to consider before customizing your jeans. For skinny jeans you need to go for stretch fabric. As the jeans needs to take your body shape elasticity is needed in the fabric - but if you prefer heavy denim with not too much of stretch that's ok as well just that in that case it may not be too fitting to you as we need to keep some room in the hips and legs so that you can move around. Also if there is too much elasticity the jeans will look more like jegging. 2-3% of stretch is ideal to give a nice snug feeling and at the same time for them to be comfortable and still keep the texture and feel of the jeans intact. If you are ok with not too much of a skin tight fitting then 1% stretch should be ok.

The fabric is between 8 to 11 oz. The lightweight fabric would be lighter and softer as compared to its counterpart heavyweight denim. Heavyweight denim weights between 11 to 16 oz. You can expect lightweight jeans to weigh about 50 percent less than heavyweight jeans. This lightweight construction means they’ll allow your body to breathe better during warm weather. So lightweight fabric is your only option (otherwise remember the popsicle). But see that the fabric is not too lightweight else it may look like home pyjamas. YOU can also Consider stretch jeans for warm weather. Stretch jeans are a popular choice during the spring and summer months. They are soft, lightweight, and flexible.

People often say that jeans are unnecessary trouble in the summer but that is wrong because what they don't realize is that you may buy light weight denim meant for summer. But those jeans can be used the whole year round. Another thing they don't understand is how jeans can be worn anywhere and are a great choice for formal and party places.

Further raw denim is a no for summer days - Instead, look to pre-washed jeans, which soften rigid denim so it’s more forgiving, and fade the indigo so it doesn’t absorb sunshine so readily.

Step 2:Next is what fit you should go for summer ?

would suggest boyfriend jeans, flare jeans, mom jeans, joggers, straight fi jeans - all these are are a popular summer choices as they are not body hugging and have some room for fresh air. But definitely if you are fan of slim jeans or skinny jeans you can wear them but with lighter fabric and loose top.

In conclusion you do not have to give up on your jeans because of warm weather. jeans are an all year outfit provided you choose the right one.