Chinos are integral part of men’s wardrobe essentials. Chinos are the one of the most versatile men wear. For men who want to leave the formal dress pants behind, they have the luxury of opting for chinos as a seamless alternative.


One of the most important features of chinos is that they are both casual and smart. So you can create two different looks with a single pair of trousers. Chinos can easily be worn to the office: choose a simple, classic colour like beige or blue and combine the chino with a white shirt and possibly a jacket. You can create the casual look by wearing it with a t-shirt or collared t-shirt or checkered shirt. Chinos are also often worn at weddings with a smart collar shirt, leather belt and leather shoes.. For a casual weekend look, wear chinos with a sweatshirt and trainers.


Chinos are also super comfortable as they are made of cotton twill fabric - Twill is known for its great suppleness, which is what makes chinos so comfortable to wear. Often a small amount of elastane/ is added to the twill fabric to give the trousers more stretch. Depending on the fabric weight, chinos can be meant to be worn all year round or adapted to the season. A chino for summer will inevitably be lighter than a pair of chinos intended for winter.


Chinos are trousers that are suitable for everyone because of their cut and stretch. Like jeans chinos come in different fit – modern slim fit, tapered fit, oversized fit – most common chinos are comfort slim fit and suits most body types- This fit is cuts close to hips and thighs are and then tapers towards then end of the leg.

Custom tailor made Chinos

At we make custom tailored made to measure chinos to suit your style, preference and body type. There are a wide variety of customisation options too to suit your style – such as cuffs, pleats, fit, pockets etc. there are a variety of color options from classic beige and navy blue to trendy olive green.

Your made-to-measure chinos, will quickly become your go-to pant, pairing as easily with a suit jacket as they do with a sweater.

For us, chinos are clearly an essential in men's wardrobes. Because chinos are one of those garments that you can reach for with your eyes closed, because as an all-in-one piece they always go, look good on everyone and are very easy to combine.