Know Your Denim Weight WEIGHT DOES MATTER

Know Your Denim Weight WEIGHT DOES MATTER

The whole idea of categorizing a jean by weight comes from the weight a square yard of fabric weighs in ounces, which relates directly to the density of yarn woven in and the weight of said yarn. The weight refers to how much a yard of fabric weighs. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll break the weights into three main categories:

  • Lightweight – under 12 Oz
  • Mid-weight – from 12 Oz. – 16 Oz
  • Heavyweight – anything above 16 Oz


Lightweight denim is the easiest to wear category. It is suitable with warm temperature and is very comfortable. Lightweight denim is particularly easy to break in as it won’t require anywhere near as much wearing time as a heavier fabric to attain a pleasant level of comfort.

The only drawback is that the fades achieved with this level of denim won’t look quite as spectacular as a heavier weight of denim. Also their life would be lesser as compared to heavy denim.


This is probably the most common of the denims in the market today. The positives include the potential for a much better fade, long lasting, and good for winter. You will, however, take a longer break in time, and will have a little bit of lost flexibility upfront. Standard denim jeans in market are often 12 oz. they are also a great gateway for the raw denim unless you are not interested in the all break in process.


Finally the heavyweight jeans, the over 16 Oz. jeans, which is rare in the market. They’re going to take time and effort and honestly won’t feel great at first. You’d have to be slightly self-loathing to want to stick your legs into a jean that can stand up on their own, but if you keep at it long enough you’ll be left with a very impressive reward. These can last you a lifetime, as they’re incredibly well built and hefty, but you’ll take up a bit of that lifetime to break in enough to enjoy.

So lesser the weight, the lighter and softer the fabric will be. Traditionally, 12 to 15 oz. is most popular for denim jeans. Lightweights are more comfortable to wear, but it is actually heavier denim that results in sharper and more spectacular fades.

The weight does matter. The heavier the denim, the less likely it is to rip, tear or bend. Also, the longer it is going to take to mold to your body and really break-in. So, the choice of denim weight is a personal decision

Most people want a jean that strikes a balance. Too lightweight and the fabric will tear too easily–too heavy, and the fabric will be as stiff as a board. Most preferred is between 12-14oz.