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  1. Clone Your Jeans - Mail Us Your Jeans To Be Cloned / Copied

    Clone Your Jeans - Mail Us Your Jeans To Be Cloned / Copied
    Do you not want to have to go through the process of designing a new pair of jeans? Or maybe you have one pair that you love so much but you can’t find an identical pair? Well there is one beautiful solution. Cloning!? Cloning is when you send us your pair of jeans through our shipping partner and we make you an identical pair. And if any adjustments need to be made that can also be arranged. Now you have 2 pairs of awesome jeans. No damage will be done to the original and it will be sent back with the new pair. The second time you won’t even need to send the original.

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  2. Different Type Of Jeans Wash

    Different Type Of Jeans Wash

    Different Types of Jeans Wash Have you ever wondered what creates those bleached, vintage looks on your favorite jeans and denim jackets? How does your brand new pair of jeans look beautifully worn and faded, but without any wear and tear of the denim itself? This is the end result of a process known as denim washing. After the denim is dyed with indigo, it is washed with different materials that produce a variety of effects on the texture and the color of the denim fabric. Mechanical washes include rinse washes, stone washes, as well as laser abrasion whereas chemical washes include acid and bleach treatments, as well as enzyme fading and ozone treatments. These are five major types of denim washes: Rinse Wash Rinse washes, also known as mill washes, are the simplest kind of denim washes. They simply remove the excess indigo dyes out of the fabric and are used to create the darkest shades of jeans.

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  3. Style Your Own Skinny Fit Jeans

    Style Your Own Skinny Fit Jeans
    Trends in denim jeans change like the phases of the moon. They come and go, one day you might like nice tight skinny jeans until a raving photo from a model makes you switch to baggy and vice versa. But some things never change. The skinny jeans are a trend for the ages. And no matter what happens a pair of skinny jeans will always be a chic, comfy and elegant look. But there is a but, and it’s a big one. You need to know how to style it!!!

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  4. Make Your Own Skinny Fit Women Jeans - Can I Customize My Skinny Jeans

    Make Your Own Skinny Fit Women Jeans - Can I Customize My Skinny Jeans
    Because everyone is unique, it is difficult for a jean based on a generic model to suit everyone's body the same way. But if you take the time to customize your jeans - select styles, cuts, and materials that suit your tastes and then provide your measurements you can find an excellent tailor made denim pair you'll love to wear for years

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  5. What Are The Right Jeans For Summer?

    What Are The Right Jeans For Summer?
    Come summer you may start to despise jeans. Your winter blues are now buried in your closet since they break you sweat in the warm weather. You settle for some summer clothing like skirts and shorts. But still, your denim's are idle in that closet. That's a whole season of wasted denim style. But what if you can wear jeans during summer? What if you can have comfort and style on your side? What if the denim won't make your body into a living popsicle?

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