Fashion rules are an integral part of the style world, offering guidance on what to wear and when. However, as time goes by, many of these rules start to lose their relevance, and breaking them can actually enhance your fashion game. Here are six outdated fashion rules that you can confidently ignore in 2023:

  • Never Wear Brown In Town
    Rule Overview: For ages, there was an unwritten rule that brown shoes were a big no-no in urban environments. This rule, born in a different era, has little merit today. Why limit yourself to black shoes with suits? Embrace the stylish appeal of brown footwear in the city.
  • Jacket Buttoning
    Rule Overview: The age-old rule of buttoning only the middle button on a three-button suit or just the top button on a two-button suit seems arbitrary. Fashion history has seen various interpretations of which buttons should be fastened. The truth is, the rules have evolved, and you have the freedom to decide which buttons to fasten.
  • Novelty Is A No-No
    Rule Overview: Novelty clothing items, like quirky socks or unique ties, were often deemed tasteless. However, fashion is about self-expression, and embracing playful design is a growing trend. Don't be afraid to infuse some fun and personality into your wardrobe.
  • Don't Wear Jeans With A Blazer
    Rule Overview: Mixing formal and informal wear was once seen as a sartorial faux pas. However, the lines between casual and formal attire have blurred. The right pair of jeans with a well-fitted blazer is a stylish and versatile combination. Don't hesitate to rock this look.
  • Your Belt And Shoes Must Be The Same Colour
    Rule Overview: The obsession with matchy-matchy outfits often dictates that your belt and shoes must be identical in color. Yet, a more modern approach involves using complementary tones rather than exact matches. Embrace tonal differences for a stylish twist.
  • Always Wear A Tie With A Suit
    Rule Overview: The tie has been synonymous with formal wear for generations. Yet, the idea of a tie as an essential part of a suit has become outdated. In 2023, you have the liberty to experiment with various shirt styles, from a knitted polo to a roll-neck sweater, without the need for a tie.
  • Fashion rules have their place, but challenging outdated ones can lead to more creative and individualized style choices. Embrace the evolution of fashion and break free from the constraints of old-fashioned style guidelines.