Well-fitting clothes make all the difference in how you look and feel. Tailoring takes a merely okay garment and transforms it into something sleek and flattering. While expert tailors might seem intimidating, you don't need to be a fashion insider to get great results! This guide will empower you to speak to your tailor confidently.

Why Tailoring Matters

  • Perfect Fit: Off-the-rack sizes are made for an "average" body – few of us truly are. Tailoring customizes garments to your exact proportions.
  • Investment Pieces: Quality clothing is worth tailoring for a lifespan well beyond fast-fashion trends.
  • Style Upgrade: Even inexpensive pieces can look sharp and polished once properly fitted.
  • Confidence Factor: Clothes that fit perfectly project confidence and a sense of put-togetherness.
  • Before You Go: Preparing for the Tailor
  • Choose Wisely: Not all garments are worth tailoring; focus on high-quality pieces or essentials you'll wear frequently.
  • Find a Good Tailor: Referrals are best. Check online reviews, and look for expertise in specific garments (suits, jeans, etc.).
  • Know Your Goals: Do you have photos of outfits you like? It helps communicate the look you're aiming for.
  • Wear the Right Undergarments: Wear what you'll likely wear under the item (e.g., dress shoes with suit trousers.)

What to Ask Your Tailor

Let's break down tailoring conversations by clothing category:

Suits & Jackets

  • Shoulders: The anchor of the fit. Too wide and alterations are tricky.
  • Jacket Length: Current trends offer variety; discuss personal preference.
  • Sleeves: Ideal length hits right where your wrist bone bends.
  • Suppression: How closely the jacket contours your torso.
  • Pants: Taper preference? Break? (Where pants hit your shoe.).


  • Collar: Should fit with minimal gapping when buttoned.
  • Sleeves: Hit at wrist bone, allowing just a bit of shirt cuff to show under a jacket.
  • Body: A close fit without pulling; enough ease of movement for comfort.

Jeans & Casual Pants

  • Hem: Length and break for different shoe styles.
  • Waist: Can be taken in or let out with limits.
  • Taper: Slim down legs from knee to ankle, without too much tightness.

Additional Tips

  • Be clear but open: Tell your tailor what bothers you with the fit, then trust their expertise for solutions.
  • Don't be afraid to ask: About costs, timelines, what alterations are possible.
  • It might take a few visits: Get basic alterations, then wear the garment, and consider additional tweaks (sleeve pitch, etc.).
  • Tailoring Is Your Style Secret Weapon

Once you experience the difference tailoring makes, you'll wonder why you waited! It's not just about fixing flaws; it's about making your wardrobe work perfectly for your unique body and style.